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Thomas Hamilton

05-10-1952 Born

"The Dunblane School Massacre"

03-13-1996 Died

LORD Cullen, who presided over the Dunblane inquiry, was "taken aback" when he was asked to declare whether he was a Freemason, newly released papers have revealed.

Documents relating to the school massacre, released after a 100-year secrecy rule was lifted, show how police investigated claims of a Masonic conspiracy.

The Scotsman
Wednesday, 5th October 2005

Programmed To Kill/Satanic Cover-Up
Part 56 (The Dunblane School
Massacre - Thomas Hamilton)
Sandra Uttley - Dunblane Unburied
- Part 1 of 2
Sandra Uttley - Dunblane Unburied
- Part 2 of 2
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The Cullen Report - Witnesses &
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