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Seung-Hui Cho

01-18-1984 Born

"The Virginia Tech Shooting"

04-16-2007 Died

Charles Mesloh, Professor of Criminology at Florida Gulf Coast University, told NBC 2 News that he was shocked Cho could have killed 32 people with two handguns absent expert training. Mesloh immediately assumed that Cho must have used a shotgun or an assault rifle.

"I'm dumbfounded by the number of people he managed to kill with these weapons," said Mesloh, "The only thing I can figure is that he got close to them and he simply executed them."

Mesloh said the killer performed like a trained professional, "He had a 60% fatality rate with handguns - that's unheard of given 9 millimeters don't kill people instantly," said Mesloh, stating that the handguns Cho used were designed for "plinking at cans," not executing human beings.

Programmed To Kill/Satanic Cover-Up
Part 58 (The Virginia Tech Massacre / 
Seung - Hui Cho)
Seung - Hui Cho
Cho family releases statement about
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