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Natasha Kampusch

02-17-1988 Born

"The Girl in the Cellar"


There was also a Canon MV-5 video camera, three MiniDV cassettes and between six and eight VHS cassettes, some of them were marked up as 'Christmas' or 'Easter' or 'Birthday' with a year. One other video also showed Wolfgang Priklopil skiing with another man.

The existence of the videos was revealed by one of the former investigators, who said that they had found video cassettes when searching the house which showed recordings from Christmas and Easter as well as birthday parties that the kidnapper had organized for Natascha. 

All of the videos were shot in the house, some of them even showing her doing gymnastic exercises.

In the videos, he referred to her as 'slave' and it includes scenes where for example he says to her: 'Humbly obey, always be loving, always obey, and remember to be humble'.

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Programmed To Kill/Satanic Cover-Up
Part 55 (Natascha Kampusch &
Wolfgang Priklopil)
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