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Kenneth 'Mad Dog' McKenna

"Kenneth Alvin Clooley, Kenneth Alvin Mckenna & The Godfather of Lust"

He was also notable during the '1970s and '1980s as a leading producer and distributor of snuff films and photos and even dabbled in kiddie porn.


His infamous film production entitled

“Puppy Love” featured a ten year old girl being mounted by a Bull Mastiff dog. He also distributed “Snake Feast” which showed a young girl crushed to death and eaten by an anaconda snake.


12-09-1942 Born

Programmed To Kill/Satanic Cover-Up
Part 92 (Ted Bundy - Serial Killer -
Occult & Satanism)
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Programmed To Kill/Satanic Cover-Up
Part 250 (The Hand of Death Cult -
Author Max Call)