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Dennis Nilsen

11-23-1949 Born

"The Kindly Killer & The Muswell Hill Murderer"

05-12-2018 Died

The population at large is neither 'ordinary' or 'normal'. They seem to be bound together by a collective ignorance of themselves and what they are. They have, every one of them, got their deep dark thoughts with many a skeleton rattling in their secret cupboards. Their fascination with 'types' like myself plagues them with the mystery of why and how a living person can actually do things which may be only those dark images and acts secretly within them. I believe they can identify with these 'dark images and acts' and loathe anything which reminds them of this dark side of themselves.

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Programmed To Kill/Satanic Cover-Up
Part 122 (Herb Baumeister -
Serial Killer Conspiracies 14)
THE BLACK MUSEUM - Dennis Nilsen
(ITV, 1988)
Dennis Nilsen painted this piece, titled