David Parker Ray

11-06-1939 Born

"The Toy-Box Killer"

05-28-2002 Dead

After we get completely through with you, you’re gonna be drugged up real heavy, with a combination of Sodium Pentothal and Phenobarbital.


They are both hypnotic drugs that will make you extremely susceptible to hypnosis, autohypnosis and hypnotic suggestion. You’re gonna be kept drugged a couple of days, while I play with your mind. By the time I get through brainwashing you, you’re not gonna remember a fuckin’ thing about this little adventure.


You won’t remember this place, us, or what has happened to you.


There won’t be any DNA evidence, because you’ll be bathed, and both holes between your legs will be thoroughly flushed out. You’ll be dressed, sedated, and turned loose on some country road, bruised, heh, sore all over, but nothing that won’t heal up in a week or two.


The thought of being brainwashed may not be appealing to you, but we been doin’ it a long time and it works. 



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