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Bryan Kohberger

11-21-1994 Born

"2022 University of Idaho killings"


Fact: There was no sign of forced entry, or of robbery.


Fact: A single weapon had been used—a long-bladed knife. And a tan leather knife sheath, stamped with the U.S. Marine Corps insignia was found lying next to Mogen’s bed.


Fact: There was no trail of blood outside the house.


Fact: The house was a repository for a large collection of forensic evidence—blood, saliva, hair, prints, DNA. But whether any of these belonged to the killer—after the autopsies, the general consensus held that it was a single assailant—still was undetermined.

The Eyes of a Killer | By Howard Blum, January 7, 2023

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Programmed To Kill/Satanic Cover Up
Part 314 (2022 University of Idaho
killings - Bryan Kohberger)
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