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Albert DeSalvo

09-03-1931 Born

"The Boston Strangler, The Measuring Man & 

The Green Man''

11-25-1973 Died

In September 1948, Albert was inducted into the U.S. Army. He was just seventeen years old and on parole, but Uncle Sam did not seem to mind. DeSalvo first served from September 16, 1948 to June 25, 1951, when he was honorably discharged.


Strangely though, he re-enlisted the very next day and served from June 26, 1951 to February 15, 1956, when he was again honorably discharged.


Much of that seven-and-a-half-year stretch was served in West Germany, where Gary Heidnik was subjected to MK-ULTRA experimentation not too many years later, and where Jeffrey Dahmer later served as well.

Programmed To Kill: The Politics of Serial Murder by author David McGowan

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