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Survivor of Pedophilia, Roman Catholic Church, Satanism, Alcoholism and I'm 28 yrs sober thanks to A.A. surprisingly founded by 2 occultists and the 1st Edition of Alcoholics Anonymous was paid for the Rockerfellers. Read Book of the Law, Golden Dawn, Rosecrusions, Nazi Ideologies, School of London, Witchcraft Demonology, Carlos Castenete ( Sharmanism ) Multi Demension, Book,of the Dead(Buddhist) spent over 15 yrs in Pychiatric System, ECT, Multi Drug overdosing, Dissociation, got sober 28ys ago and have suffered Hep C from my job as a body piecer, never used Heroin(Crowley. Sex Magik) my Father served in Exodus, never had me circumcised(Blood Ritual) did his first Autopsy at the age of 16/17 and went on to do them for 40yrs continually stressing to me.... the body is just a vehicle, In Alcoholics Anonymous it states we are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience.. Thank you for your love and truth Brett ❤

Brett Dawson
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