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Oct 17, 2019
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Hey everyone, old to the Youttube channel but new to the forum. Some of you may have heard of the Texas Killing Fields, the stretch of Hwy i-45 between Houston and Galveston. Several girls age 12-19 were killed and dumped. There are so many tangents in this story, for its nearly 20 girls that are killed in the span of 20-30 years. Although some men have been charged, you can find many of our "red flags" in their stories. A few years back, a man who was in jail already for several years for shooting a man, claims he committed some of the murders. Edward Howard Bell. He recanted, saying he was suicidal and that he thought if he confessed, the State would kill him. He also said that "he was turned into a sex offender and killer by his father in a systematic programme of abuse and brainwashing. He also claims his three ex-wives were part of this 'programme'." "I was suicidal" Bell died earlier this year in 2019. Another girl murdered in 1984, 16 yr old Laura Lynn Miller, disappeared and body found on the property of a NASA employee, Robert Abel. Abel would go on to be a public suspect for some time, Laura's father (Tim Miller) also had a colorful history with him as he believed for sometime he was Laura's killer. Abel would die 2005 from a strange freak accident involving a train. Texas Monthly published an interesting piece on him, featuring stories from Abel's ex-wives of anger and physical abuse. It has been theorized the spotlight on Abel, although cleared in the end before his death, lead him to kill himself, believing his reputation ruined. There are some interesting bits in the TexasMonthly article but as always take with grain of salt. The NASA connection interesting for sure. Then I found this old article about Tim Miller getting a strange letter in the mail connecting Laura's murder and a series of murders known as the "Corvette Concepts Murders". From the article: " In October, 2005, a very strange incident occurred. Tim Miller received a letter from someone claiming to be the killer of his daughter and others. The letter had been hand-delivered to his mailbox at Texas Eqquasearch and had a return address of the Corvette Concepts business on West Main Street. The letter was constructed of cut-outs from magazines and newspapers, much as an old-style ransom letter would have been. The letter seemed to be taunting Tim and poking fun at the League City police for not having apprehended him. It bragged of how he was too smart and how he had craftily fabricated evidence to throw them off his trail. The alleged killer in this letter pointed out that the profile that the League City Police Department had publicly released about the killer of these young women was flawed and he seemed to be indicating that more victims could be still located in the same area as the other four. Possibly buried, possibly in barrels and possibly near railroad tracks. He used strange terminology in this letter such as "superfudge" and "hectic location," possibly to send anyone who viewed the letter off on a wild goose chase. The mere mention of the still at that point unsolved Corvette Concepts Case was stunning. The location where Laura Miller and Heidi Villarreal vanished was only about a mile straight down West Main Street from the scene of the Corvette Concepts mystery. Were the two connected and why? The letter had included an upside down cross, which immediately made Tim Miller think of the cross he had constructed at the scene of where his daughter's body had been located so he rushed to the scene to find the cross knocked over and broken. He also found several pornographic videos nearby featuring teen-aged girls which he turned over to the police. It seemed that someone, whether the actual killer or not, was having a fun time taunting the father of Laura Miller and the police. On the morning of November 3, 1982, Bob Currie entered the shop as usual and was stunned at the scene which greeted him. Beth Wilburn had been stabbed over 100 times and then shot. Her body lay sprawled out in her office. Her friend, Thomas McGraw Jr., 28, of Webster, an oilfield worker and friend of Wilburn, was stabbed with a screwdriver which was left embedded in his body and then shot several times. A third victim, James Oates, 22, of Houston, an electrician who had been hired to install fluorescent lighting at the business, was shot several times. His body was in another room where he had been hanging florescent lights. " An employee of the shop, who still lived in the Houston area, was charged for the murders, Jesse "Dean" Kersh. Kersh had been working as a mechanic the night of the Corvette murders. He is supposed to go on trial sometime this year in 2019 but I can find little on him? His linkedin says he worked in electronics and owns/operartes "Tertia Limited" that I cannot find out what its purpose is. I did google Tertia and it says it is a common latin term for "woman", sort of a title for a third daughter. Any other connections/tid bits would be great. I'm wondering what connects all of these murders, I personally think some group is active, too much for one person to hide. Why would girls hitchhike with creeps? I've pondered perhaps a female was involved with the kidnapping, a lure to give a false sense of security. Just a gut feeling. Will post more tidbits later, these are just a few strings to start pulling.


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