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Uno Raza
May 06, 2021
In General discussions
You can prove this yourself using the basic tools exposed and evidenced below. Sodomy alone can be used to implant larval demons and affect mind control; here's where Stargate SG1 'SCI-FI' put this in your face: Anyone can now easily check a suspicious death or series of deaths using very basic, and very well evidenced tools on this playlist of examples, that starts with the Vince Foster MURDER said to be the highest level official murdered since JFK. Covered up in a similar manner: BY ALL J'sh "SOCIALIST" MEDIA! Here's a workup on the Wuornos rampage facilitated, if not created by kult Masonic coppers; why did they ignore her fingerprints on her first murder? (She'd already been arrested and jailed so they had all her evidence!) (Even Wuornos' execution was done by this Pi Based / Kabbalah ritual murder system!) It's all based on 19(10), 13 and 14 with a specific grammar now well evidenced:

Uno Raza

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