Larry Eyler

12-21-1952 Born

"The Highway Killer & The Interstate Killer"

03-06-1994 Dead

ANY CRIME -- Little was with him when

they picked up Steven Agan at the bus station. According to Eyler, Little wanted to make a 'snuff movie', and they decided Agan would be the victim.

A 'snuff movie' is a movie which shows an actual murder taking place. The victim of course is never aware ahead of time of the fate awaiting him. Typically the movie will be pornographic from the start. In Agan's case, Eyler claims Little offered money to Agan in exchange for being filmed in a homosexual act with Eyler, and Agan agreed to do it.

When they reached the abandoned house, Eyler maintains that as he handcuffed Agan, and taped his mouth and eyes, Little took a film of the activities. Eyler claims that Agan was first forced to submit to anal sex with him. As Professor Little filmed the scene, Little suddenly shouted 'Kill him!' Eyler said he told Agan to make peace with God, then
he stabbed him three or four times as Little filmed the death scene. Eyler contends Little then put down the camera and also stabbed Agan.

When Agan was dead, Eyler stated that he and Little then masturbated over the dead body. They cut off Agan's penis and left him there with the penis inserted in Agan's mouth.

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