In the report of Toole's March 1984 interview, an FBI agent wrote that Toole said "Lucas had a tattoo of a cross with hands at the base and flames of fire in the web of his right hand and that this is a sign of the members of the Hand of Death." Toole said he didn't have a tattoo but he'd worn a ring with a devil's head, as did others in the cult.


In the report of Lucas's FBI interview in May 1984, another agent wrote, "Lucas stated that members can also recognize one another by a tattoo they should have on their right hand in the webbing between the thumb and forefinger. Lucas stated that tattoo is of a cross, flames, and hands."

Lucas showed the agent what he said was his tattoo, although he admitted it had nearly worn off. The agent reported he could only see some "very faint dark lines whose shape could not be discerned." (A 1998 AP story reported that Lucas's arms had tattoos of a naked woman, a sinking ship, the comic strip character Blondie, and a Boy Scout fleur-de-lis.)

Lucas added that some members had tattoos signifying additional things. Those with snakes were kidnappers, and those with scorpions were "ritual killers who kill for the ceremonies the cult engages in."

"The Confession Killer"

Henry Lee Lucas & Ottis Toole

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