Gerard John Schaefer Jr.

01-31-1949 Born

"The Florida Sex Beast"

10-08-1992 Died

Schaefer claims that Ted Bundy was driven to commit his crimes due to his involvement in Satanism; says that "South African adventuress" Molly von Heydreich was researching the Hand of Death, contacted Kenneth McKenna, and learned from him about Ted Bundy's cave where he tortured his victims; claims that practitioners of Palo Mayombe had stolen the remains of Denise Naslund from a police morgue and brought them to the mountains of northern Mexico; also claims that Bundy's hair was taken by Pauli Valentino, a member of the squad that prepared Bundy for execution who realized its value to the Satanic underground, and that Bundy's ashes were hidden in the Gainesville FL home of University of Florida employee Michael Radelet; says that in 1993 von Heydreich learned from McKenna that Bundy followed a branch of Satanism associated with some of Charles Manson's followers; claims that McKenna ordered the murder of von Heydreich through the satanic underground after she betrayed his confidence by publishing what he told her; mentions two books on Bundy links to Satanism: Ted Bundy's Butchered Beauties by Molly von Heydreich circulated by Justice Now in Columbus GA and the upcoming The Horrors of Bundy's Cave by G.J. Schaefer.

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Occult & Satanism)
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Part 20 (Serial Killer Quotes &
Gerard John Schaefer)
Gerald Schaeffer, Ottis Toole] (1992)
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